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Auto Reconditioning Pittsburgh - Headlight, Plastic Trim, Paint Chip, Cigarette Burn, Carpet - Headlight Restoration, Plastic Trim Dying, Paint Chip Repair, Cigarette Burn Hole Repair, Carpet Dying, etc.

Headlight Restoration

$49 - $99

Dirty, dingy headlights are not only unsightly but more importantly, they make driving at night even more risky than it already is. We can clean and restore your headlights back to like-new condition and keep them looking new and shining bright! Our 7-step restoration service will not only restore your headlights to like new condition, but it also includes applying a Ultra-Violet (UV) Protectant that will keep your headlights looking new for a long period of time so that you won't have to get your headlights repaired on a regular basis.


*Don't be fooled by other companies who will buff (or even sand and buff) your headlights without putting a protective coating on like ours - they will most likely look OK after this is done, but the oxidation will come back after only a few months!


Plastic Trim Dying


Faded and dull plastic trim can be dyed to like-new condition! Don't ride around with white, gray, or chalky trim when it should be a dark gray or black color. We have a permanent dye that will restore your faded door handles, mirror covers, body moldings, bumper covers, fenders, bedliners, etc. to their original condition. Prices depend on how large each piece is and how many coats of dye it will take to bring the component back to original condition.

After dying your plastic back to its original color, we will apply a dressing with UV protection to keep the sun and its ultraviolet rays from drying out, fading, and damaging your plastic again. We recommend bringing your vehicle back periodically to have this dressing re-applied to keep your plastic in this condition.



*Consider our Unique Hand Wash on regularly to keep your vehicle cleaned on a regular basis - this service also includes dressing of your plastic trim as well as your tires!

Paint Chip Repair

$50 - $125

We offer a fast and simple way to fix those ugly paint chips that ruin the look of your automobile's finish. Body shops will charge you hundreds of dollars to paint and refinish just your vehicle's hood. We provide a paint chip repair service to fill-in chips so that from normal viewing distance, "road rash" is disguised and your vehicle's paint looks new. This can also be an effective treatment for some deep scratches. We recommend getting one of our detailing service prior to our paint chip repair service. Typical areas that are most affected by the "road rash" are the hood, front bumper, and front fenders.

Cigarette Burn Repair


Cigarette burn holes in your carpets and upholstery can be repaired! We can get rid of the un-sightly look of having holes in your carpets and upholstered seats due to burns from cigarettes. We charge $40 for the first hole and any additional holes are just $10 each!

Carpet Dying


If you have dull or faded carpets, we can dye them back to their original color. Ultra-Violet (UV) rays from the sun can cause your carpet to fade and the parts of the carpet that are in the sun the most will look alot different from the rest of your carpet. Our carpet dying service is not intended for severly stained carpets or carpets that are worn down and missing carpet fibers. This service will re-juvenate a faded carpet and give a much more vibrant and consistent color to your carpet.

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