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Aquapel Windshield Treatment


Aquapel Glass Treatment improves a driver's ability to see clearly and drive safer.

This innovative technology is a long-lasting rain repellant that:

  • Remarkably improves vision in the rain.
  • Causes rain to bead up and roll right off.
  • Makes it easier to clear ice, snow, and even dirt and bugs.
  • Reduces glare in the rain, especially at night.
  • Lasts for months in normal driving conditions.

Engine Shampooing


Keeping your vehicle's engine clean will actually allow it to run at a cooler temperature, while making it easier to work on and increasing your vehicle's resale value. Your engine compartment is first shampooed using special degreasers and cleaners to break-down built up grime and grease build up on liquid containers, firewalls and valve covers and scrubbed with a variety of appropriate brushes. Then the engine compartment dried and dressed with a low sheen non silicone engine dressing. We take every precaution including covering any exposed alternator and/or distributor cap, and coating electrical connections to repel water before cleaning however we're not responsible for any damage that could occur.

*Add this to any of our Exterior Detailing Services or Interior Detailing Services.

Fabric Protection

$29 - $59

Our colorless and odorless fabric protection will guard your vehicle from protein spills while forming an invisible shield around fibers so that spills will not leave stains. Applying fabric protection to newly cleaned auto upholstery or carpets will keep your car's interior clean much longer and make future clean-ups quick & easy. This is a must get detail service for a new vehicle.

*Add this to our Unique Interior Detail or Unique Carpet & Upholstery Shampooing.

Clay Service


As an add-on to our Unique Hand Wash or one of our exterior detailing services, we clay your vehicle with our Unique Clay Bar and Clay Lubricant to cleanse the clear coat and remove environmental fall-out.

*Add this to our Unique Polish & Wax or our Unique Wash & Wax to provide better adhesion of wax or paint sealant and extend the length of protection your vehicle will receive!

Express Wax


Add our Express Wax service to our Unique Hand Wash to add protection to your vehicle, enhance the shine, or maintain the level of protection that is on the vehicle already. After your vehicle is washed we will apply our Express Wax to give you 2-3 weeks worth of protection and bring your exterior to a brilliant shine!

*Add this to our Unique Hand Wash to make your paint shine and provide and give it a couple weeks worth of protection!

Ozone Treatment

$49 - $99

Ozone Treatment can permanently kills odors from smoke damage, cigarettes, and other odor causing substances. Ozone is a gas with a unique pungent scent. It is a molecule with 3 atoms of oxygen. It occurs easily in nature, at beaches, in the forests, or near a waterfall. The scent of a fresh spring rain after a storm is from the natural ozone in the air. Being next to the most powerful sterilizing chemical in existence, it easily kills mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses and other odors rather quickly. We can remove odors caused by smoking in the vehicle, vomit, urine, feces, spoiled milk, rotten meat, mold, mildew, pet odors, etc. The source of the odor must be cleaned first, and then we will put our ozone generator in the interior of your vehicle for anywhere from a 1/2 hour up to  or 8 hours depending on the severity of the odor.

For people that are very sensitive to different odors we can put our Ozone Generator in your vehicle once a month for a short period of time to kill any odors and eliminate any irritation you are experiencing. 

*Add this to our Unique Interior Detail, our Unique Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning or our Unique Interior Spruce-Up to get rid of bad odors or just to "freshen-up" the smell of your interior.

Trunk Vacuum and Shampooing


Trunk area is air purged and vacuumed to loosen and remove all debris, entire area is hand scrubbed, and then hot water carpet extractor is used to deep clean trunk.

*Add this to our Unique Interior Detail, our Unique Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning or our Unique Interior Spruce-Up

Convertible Top Conditioning


The cloth tops - AKA "stay fast" material, as well as vinyl tops can be damaged by environmental fallout and also fade quickly from the sun's UV rays if not protected. During a wash or exterior detail, your vehicle's cloth or vinyl top is first cleaned thoroughly with a special cleansing formula for convertible tops. Once your top is cleaned and dried we can apply RaggTopp Fabric or Vinyl Protection (depending on your vehicle) to provide a barrier against the environmental elements that can harm the fabric or vinyl.

*Vehicle must be washed or detailed or be eligible for Convertible Top Cleaning Service...

*Add this to our Unique Polish & Wax, our Unique Wash & Wax, or our Unique Hand Wash to protect your convertible top!

Paint Over-Spray Removal


Vehicles today can be subjected to paint over-spray from newly painted bridges, buildings, and roads. If nothing is done, this paint can become embedded into your cars clearcoat becoming difficult to remove. Using a claying procedure we can easily clean most over-spray paint from your vehicle quickly and safely. We also suggest an exterior protection service after paint over-spray removal. (Price could be higher depending on how much of the car is covered with paint)

Interior Fragrance


An automotive interior fragrance is sprayed to provide a pleasant smell to the interior of the vehicle.

*Add this to our Unique Interior Detail, our Unique Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning or our Unique Interior Spruce-Up

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